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18650 Battery



Coils for the Aegis pod


Froot Bears,Strawberry banana,Grape Ice, Juicy Mango, Blueberry Ice, Blue Raspberry lemon, Peach   


So many delicious flavors to choose from, such as: Strawberry, Mango Peach Orange, Froot Bears, Strawberry Banana, Strawberry Kiwi, Watermelon Strawberry Kiwi, Lychee Watermelon Strawberry, Orange Apple, Blue Raspberry Lemon, Lemon Trail, Lemon Lime Cranberry,...


Aspire PockeX Coils (5-pack) Pack of 5 replacement coils for the Aspire PockeX AIO All-In-One vape kit.The PockeX coils adopt the new U-Tech coil technology and operate at a wattage output between 18W and 23W....


Slick Tub Qube from Buddies! Comes with dab tool and double compartment.


Can fit in a cup holder


An upgrade on our favourite Uwell Caliburn Product!

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