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Slick Tub Qube from Buddies! Comes with dab tool and double compartment.


Can fit in a cup holder


The Credit Card Metal Grinder. We made this from a late night product hackathon. This idea came at 4:00 AM from one crazy employee. No Doubt. But, you should enjoy a pocket grinder. We do.


Refill your torches and lighters with Colibri's Premium Butane


The Wax Concentrate Silicone Container Jars are great colorful safe odor proof and air tight ways to store your concentrates. Available in 3 sizes and bright multi colored containers.


Glass Ashtray


Watch as all your hopes and dreams get grinded into pixie dust! Comes in blue, black and red


The J-Scale JT-2 is a fantastic scale, packed with useful features. The JT-2 can be used as a jewellery scale, or for postal weighing, and dietary weighing, and it is perfect for school science or...


Does your room smell like 50 people have hot boxed it? No problem! We've got the solution for you. Fresh Linen Spray! 


Roll with class with the new RAW bamboo rolling tray, perfect for those who like to stay organize!


Want to look fancy while rolling the perfect blunt? The New RAW Glass Rolling Tray will give you that classy look


Raw Metal Ashtray


Raw Portable Pocket Ashtray Raw's pocket ashtray helps you be polite and discrete with your ashes. Great for the car, your purse, your pocket, at concerts, the out of doors or anywhere else you want...

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