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VA Grinder 1.5 inch VA Grinder 2.5 inch

1-5 3-5

The Credit Card Metal Grinder. We made this from a late night product hackathon. This idea came at 4:00 AM from one crazy employee. No Doubt. But, you should enjoy a pocket grinder. We do.


Rolling Trays with the coolest designs! always getting new ones in so stop by and see what we have!

large medium small

Raw Flying Tray (Frisbee)


Slick Tub Qube from Buddies! Comes with dab tool and double compartment.


The Wax Concentrate Silicone Container Jars are great colorful safe odor proof and air tight ways to store your concentrates. Available in 3 sizes and bright multi colored containers.


Replacement cap for the Yocan Evolve Plus XL coil


ZigZag White Rolling Papers ( slow burning ) ZigZag Dark Blue Rolling Papers ( free burning )


Raw 1 1/4 Rolling Papers


Raw 1 1/2" Rolling Papers


Raw Artesano 1 1/4" Rolling Papers


Raw Rolling Machine

70mm 79mm 110mm

Raw Pre Rolled Cones 1 1/4" 6 pack


Raw Pre Rolled Cones King Size 3 pack


The Wiz Khalifa Peacemaker comes with the worlds first smokeable package. Each pack contains 3 Peacemaker size cones and 1 Paper Cone Funnel. 


An all in one kit, this box contains one Raw lighter, a packet of Raw rolling papers, and raw tips. Everything you need in one pack.


Keeps your papers protected Case doubles as a shredder Fits a 1¼ pack of RAW papers


Juicy Jay's Flavoured Rolling Papers! Flavours include: Coconut, Watermelon, Bubblegum, Mango, Blackberry, Raspberry, Blueberry, Green Apple, Strawberry and Cherry

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